Dark Prince Studios started back in 1997. I was in SCA and started to make armor for my friends and myself. Some time in early 1998 I became friends with Jay Secord another local armorer. Jay had a small shop in Lakeside, CA. During that time his small shop looked like a giant factory as far as I was concerned. For the next six years we continued to make armor for our friends and for ourselves.

In the spring of 2004 I decided to turn my hobby in to a business. There were enough people asking for me to make items for them to justify spending time and money to do that. The new Dark Prince Studios was born. The one major change that took place is that we did not market the company to SCA. We did not want to make armor and compete with other armorers in a small market. We wanted something more than that; we had our sights set on Hollywood. Because one can’t just drive up to Hollywood and tell the movie studio execs to hire you because you like your own work be had to look to other avenues for doing business. I’ve been involved in the local Goth scene since 1996 and after wearing some of my chainmaile jewelry to local Goth clubs I ended up with a lot of customers. That was just the beginning. People began to contact us about costumes for theme parties, comic-con, sci-fi conventions, photo shoots…

For the last two years we have been making custom jewelry and clothing. Along with Tony Swatton of Sword and Stone we made a belt for Mattel that was used on their float in the Thanksgiving Day Parade. And we are currently working on armor for Labyrinth of Jareth Fantasy Masquerade.

We are allways looking for new projects and fun new people to work with. Wether you need a costume for a party, a neclace to wear on a daily bases and a piece of armor for SCA or anything else in between contact us and we will set up a meeting time to help you turn your ideas into reality.

Ruslan Batenko
Dark Prince Studios